I start with images I have taken around the streets of Bangkok, where I have lived for 5 years. My fascination with this city - along with my ultimate status as a foreigner and outsider to the culture here - I feel has given me a particularly keen observational perspective on the rich visual texture surrounding me on my explorations.

I then process the photos I shoot using a "patcher" I wrote in Max/MSP/Jitter (a software development environment published by Cycling '74) which I have been constantly modifying and amending over several years. Max/MSP/Jitter is a visual programming environment where image data can be "patched" through various objects that modify the image in real time. My patcher borrows some core ideas from a "Project" posted on the Cycling74 website by Bertrand Frasyse called Jitter Fractals, and I am very appreciative of him sharing his work and of the supportive and collaborative nature of the Max community in general.


Basically the patcher takes an image, scales it, rotates it and reflects portions to create kind of a rich kaleidoscopic effect and then feeds the output image back onto the input image in an iterative process. The iteration does something like “fractalize” the image. I also use a lot of chance and randomization algorithms and keep working an image over and over again to see what I come up with.

Making this art is in some ways all about "curating" what the algorithm produces. It is almost impossible to predict or guide what will happen using some specific parameters with a specific image as it works through the process. When I do get an image I like, the final version is further manipulated in Photoshop and other tools and then printed on high-end inkjet printers on heavy fine-art paper ("Giclee" prints).

-Robert Stratton

Contact info:
Robert Stratton
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